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Every year I have a little flirtation with New Year’s resolutions. Some years I hedge my bets by calling them commitments–for some reason, this takes the power out of them, but they’re still resolutions that I generally blow off in a couple of weeks.

Topping off my list is the perennial promise to lose ten pounds. Do I keep this? Are you kidding? That’s why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions!

This year, I’m trying to make resolutions that I know I can keep. These are things that I’ve been thinking about, things that I know I am motivated to achieve:

1. Include Calls to Action on my communications. If you want something, don’t be afraid to ask for it!

2. Launch my new website. I’m making this in WordPress so that I can upload new marketing tips, archive my newsletters and link to my blogs. Sorry. Just like groceries, your website has a shelf life.

3. Follow up with potential clients on a regular basis. There really is something called a sales cycle and a quarterly call keeps you in mind. Ask potential clients when would be a good time to call back.

4. Write more, publish more and get the most out of everything I produce. I repurpose my blog posts to my newsletters and extract excerpts to social media. But there’s more: I want to start publishing these articles to ezines such as articlesbase, articlepool, tumblr, posturous, articlesnare.

Finding as many outlets as possible for your writing contributes to your SEO–get your name and your keywords out there. Ask your colleagues and clients about guest-blogging gigs–they’d probably be relieved to have someone fill a column from time to time!

5. Sex up my subject lines. Time to get creative here–and this goes for myself as well as for my clients. It really doesn’t matter how earnest or well-intentioned your message. If you don’t catch someone’s immediate attention, he/she is not going to read further.

So here I am with five resolutions. Can I keep these? This year I can because I’ve already begun embracing these business goals for 2013. If there’s anything scarier than resolutions for me, it’s goals. What a year this promises to be . . .

Ask me about capturing your clients’ attention with smart, strategic writing. It’s what we do at Top of Mind Marketing.


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One thing that is absolutely fundamental to getting people to read your content is really not even about content; it’s about page layout. When people look at a computer screen or printout with a five-six inch long paragraph in small type, they are not going to read it. Get a grip: would you?

Before you do anything, reread that paragraph and look for superfluous words and phrases and lose them. Remember that it’s much harder to write a little than a lot.

Break it up

  • A paragraph should be constructed so that the first sentence is the overarching theme, and subsequent sentences should support that idea. If they don’t, these are natural breaks and should be separate paragraphs.
  • Add subheads to create visual breaks and organize information. Subheads let readers scan the page to see if they want to keep reading. Make these punchy to help insure that people will, indeed, keep reading.
  • Use bullets. These are visual enhancements that are an effective way to display information in manageable sound bytes.
  • Make key phrases bold to make them stand out.

Add a snappy closing and a call to action
The closing should be an encapsulation or summary–everyone is seeking closure these days. Add a call to action. An example of a call to action? If you recognize that you may have creative ideas but will never be a good writer, talk to me. I will do the writing and make you look brilliant.

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