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Small business owners have a few very important things in common: too many roles and too little time. We should probably also factor in too little money and too few clients. We need to be COO, CFO, Marketing Director and Sales Manager. We also need to do our client work if we expect to get paid and grow our businesses.

One of my clients adds yet another few roles to her repertoire–she is a trainer who travels more than she would like, and she is dealing with aging parent syndrome. We were talking about prioritizing her marketing-related activities, and she told me that she is agonizing over her blog. Blog? Is she crazy?

She thinks that she has to generate unique content for her blog, website, newsletter and social media. She can’t, I can’t and you probably can’t either. Instead, practice content economies– your blog can be posted to your social media sites. It can also be featured in your newsletter, and you can increase your visibility and SEO by publishing your blog posts as articles to online magazines.  Pull ideas from these articles to fuel your social media posts.

Sustainability: Identify what you can successfully manage, then let go of the rest.

When it comes to social media, if you can’t keep this lively and updated with interesting content, links and images, you shouldn’t be in this space. Think about it–if your last Facebook post was in January and someone visits your page six months later, he/she’s going to see a person who doesn’t have any imagination or ability to follow through.

If your marketing plan contains more than you can accomplish, it won’t work for you, so shorten it. Figure out how much time you can devote to marketing every week; if you have two hours, strategize about how to make those two hours the best possible investment of your marketing time and add one more role to your growing list–that of magician.


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