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I have a new client for whom we’re building a simple website. She is obsessed with this site, thinking that once this is launched, she will have more business than she can handle. She’s actually thinking about having hiring new staff, meeting a payroll, new facilities, etc. I’m trying to let her down easily, but, as we all learn, a website is hardly a marketing solution in itself. Rather, it is just one of many channels that we have to be using to reach our clients.

For this client, I have suggested that she start attending networking events, working on a newsletter and developing a social media presence–efforts that can be either no or low cost. She’s afraid that if she meets or talks to someone and they see that she doesn’t have a website, she will lose potential business.

Get a grip. People go to our websites to see if they’re well written, thoughtful and organized, if there are good graphics and some case studies to show how we work with our clients. They may or may not ever generate any real ROI.

We live in a time when we have all of these exciting new ways to market ourselves, but this can be both a benefit and a burden. The reality is that it takes a lot of effort to learn how to use these channels, and we already have our day jobs which is the work we do for our clients.

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