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Okay. Admit it. How many times have you sat through movies that you love? We all have our fav’s–if it’s really good, it’s worth seeing again, right?

Think how comforting it is to veg out on the couch and know exactly what’s going to happen. Watching your favorite actors and repeating the dialog along with them. I’m a sucker for The Godfather, and I love The Italian Job and Jerry Maguire, which frequently show up on the rerun channels. I’ve sobbed through A Love Affair to Remember more times than I care to account for. The bottom line is that if it’s worth watching, it’s worth watching again.

In the same way, if you have a great blog post, a brilliant newsletter article or a particularly thoughtful social media post, give yourself a break and revisit, repurpose, revamp, rehab or reuse them. Review what you’ve created through the last year or so that’s worth reposting.

If you like it, if it’s still timely, chances are your readers will like it as well, and no one’s going to suspect that it’s a retread. When reposting, I often embellish a bit, add an example and perk it up with a new graphic to provide a facelift.

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I am managing social media for a growing list of clients, which means that I’ve also got a growing list of separate logins and passwords for Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for each client–rarely does a client synch login information. I log in, upload a post, an image and often link to an article that positions the client as a brilliant industry thought leader. It used to be that I looked at this as a leisurely morning activity and a great way to kick off my day. Lately, it has become extremely time consuming, and I knew that I needed to find a better way to do this.

A bit of a purist, I held off on using dashboard tools because I did not like the way that a post showed that it had been published by whatever tool was being used. I have totally gotten over this because I am loving the way automation has simplified my life. I tried out a few applications, including SplashCube, which does a great job with lead generation with Twitter, but it’s $200/month, and it doesn’t support images, which makes it unrealistic for me. This is a visual medium, for crying out loud, and images are critical to attracting readers to posts.

I settled on HootSuite, and once I figured out how to make each client a team in my HootSuite fiefdom, I am thrilled with the way it has created efficiencies for me. I now have one login rather than 15. I open it in the morning, upload my posts and leave it open all day to stay on top of the activity on my clients’ sites. I like the spontaneity that HootSuite provides, allowing me to maintain a dialog, asking question and making comments throughout the day, which is critical to creating an online community.

Just one question remains: What took me so long?

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On my to-do list this week is updating my website. Generating new content for my website tends to take a back seat these days, but I’m committing to reviewing this and updating it once/quarter because my business doesn’t remain as stagnant as my website can become. Instead, it keeps evolving.

SEO experts tell you that you should be adding new content daily because it increases your SEO rankings. Get serious. Who has time these days to be updating content on their websites on a daily basis? Like many of my colleagues and clients, I have a lot of roles. I am Founder and CEO. I am a lowly admin and the Chief Marketing Officer responsible for branding, advertising, public relations and social media. Oh–did I mention that I need to get my client work finished or I don’t get paid? I’m also responsible for business development, which can take many forms, but in its most fundamental application it translates to cold calls, lots of follow-up and a huge investment of time.

One thing I do for myself and my clients is to use social media and newsletters to highlight expertise. This is a great solution for those who can’t find the time to be rewriting the content on their websites. It’s easy to update social media on the fly, and I love newsletters and blogs as ways to stay in front of your clients on a regular basis.

But don’t forget about your website because I’m betting that your products, services and business model have evolved since the last time you described them on your website. Remember that whatever’s out there in the online environment reflects on you.

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