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I do a lot of social media work for my clients. They know they should be using these channels, but don’t have the time or interest to figure this out. And can you blame them? What is it with Facebook? They’re always fooling around with the interface, the Help menu is absolutely worthless and usability issues bring you to your knees. No wonder people are overwhelmed by these social media apps.

I was reading some things about how you sabotage yourself on Linkedin. Some of these are really fundamental, but I was looking at some profiles, and sure enough, a lot of people were missing the boat.

In general, never–ever–miss an opportunity to provide information about yourself and your company. If there’s a field, fill it in. Remember that it’s not just about your LI presence, but contributes to your SEO strategy.

  • Update your message frequently. I try to swap mine out daily, though I don’t always make it. Prepare a week’s worth of messages at a time. That way, you can just upload it every morning without having to think.
  • Include links. Keep people happy by giving them something to click on. Keep an eye out for articles or other information that is relevant to your audience.
  • Ask people to give you recommendations. Offer to do the same for them so that there’s a better chance of their doing it. If you really like them, ask them to post the same testimonial on Yelp–a lot of people place high value on Yelp recommendations.

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