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I just talked to another potential client who is thinks he needs a new website. Great. I do that and it’s a good project for my team and me. But what he wants is more flash elements. He thinks he needs to emulate his competitors who are enamored with multiple moving parts.

Is he crazy? It’s very simple: these sites don’t load. People go to your site to get contact information because they want to talk to you about doing some business, but they lose interest while your site is loading and find someone else. This is a tragedy. There’s a lot of competition out there in a really crappy economy. Don’t sabotage yourself. Stick with clear, illustrative images that synchronize with your content. They do not need to move.

I did some googling for this guy’s site, and he doesn’t show up in search engines, so what he really needs is some comprehensive SEO work. (his old site shows up and it’s really bad. This puppy needs to be disabled.) He could also use a rewrite on the site’s content. Way too dense. It could benefit from breaking down information into bullet points to make them more visually accessible. A few crisp case studies would go a long way towards telling his story as well.


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